School asked the teacher to remove Pride Flag and the teacher resigned

A teacher from Missouri resigned last week after school authorities in his school district asked him he needed to bring down his Pride flag and that he is not allowed to discuss “sexual preference” at school.

John M. Wallis, 22, is a teacher of theater and world mythology, said he hung a rainbow Pride banner in his classroom at Neosho Junior High School on the first day of school to establish a welcoming environment for students.

Source: Twitter

He said: “I had, on the first day, about five students that came up to me and thanked me.

However, only two days after the fact, on Aug. 26, Wallis said, he was asked into a meeting with the school authorities, who disclosed to him that a parent had called and communicated that Wallis “would potentially teach their child to be gay.”

Before starting the first day of school Wallis went to school administration for permission to hang the flag and said “and they advised against it but didn’t instruct me not to.”

So he showed the flag and two signs over his whiteboards that both read “In this classroom everyone is welcome.”

But, apparently, this effort of inclusivity and cause everybody to feel good didn’t go down well with guardians, as Wallis explained on Twitter.

In his tweets, Wallis clarifies how not exclusively was his Pride flag contrasted with that of a Confederate flag, yet he was additionally blamed for “pushing [his] agenda” after students inquired as to why the signage was taken out and he informed them that they could move to other classes if they “had a problem with who [he] was”.

Wallis said: “I was then asked to sign a letter that stated I would not discuss human sexuality or my own personal sexuality in the classroom and could have no displays or coursework on those subjects. This action was the reason for my resignation.”

He ended his emotional thread with the following:

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