Russian “Popeye” who injected petroleum jelly to look muscly could lose his arms

A so-called Popeye has disclosed the horrible consequences of his “stupidity” since he has chunks of solidified petroleum jelly and ‘dead muscle’ uncovered from his bulging triceps.

Ex-solder Kirill Tereshin, 24, utilized infusions to transform himself into a superman, yet is currently paying the cost which may incorporate losing the use of his arms – or more awful.

The Covid-19 pandemic has postponed a medical procedure to completely eliminate the risky inserts from his rear arm muscles by close to 12 months. He actually faces more complex operations to extricate the wreck inside his biceps.

The Russian guy said: “I’m only 24, and my immune system is so far coping with this inflammation, but I really do not know what will happen next, That is why I started the surgeries to get rid of this nightmare.”

He further added: “I bulked up my arms when I was 20 due to my own stupidity. I did not think about the consequences.”

He was convinced to “save his life” and ready to remove the inserts by well known Russian WAG Alana Mamaeva, 33, a leading campaigner for survivors of botched plastic surgery, who is married to Russian football star Pavel Mamaev.

Doctor Dmitry Melnikov who extricated the hardened Vaseline-like jelly cautioned Tereshin he could die if he neglects to eliminate the inserts.

Kirill said: “I am very lucky that there are doctors who took me on, The hardest surgery will be on my biceps. The nerve responsible for the arms’ sensitivity is inside.

He further added: God forbid something happens to this nerve and I cannot move my arm. I really worry about this. I am very afraid. I should have thought about this earlier, I know. I blame myself, I know I’m guilty.”


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