Redditor explains this is how you can save your mailbox from the people

On the off chance that you don’t live in a small city, where individuals need to create ways to entertain themselves, and which includes things like destroying other people’s property, at that point maybe you’ve never needed to stress over the strength of your mailbox.

For most of us, we’ve come outside at least once in our life to discover our letterbox slammed in and lying on the ground like a possum somebody didn’t try to turn to miss.

There have for quite some time been techniques for managing such stupidity, yet I need to say, this current person’s dad truly went at it head-on.

Their family lived in a provincial territory, and as per the nearby sheriff, had been occurring to their neighbors, as well.

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Individuals attempted various things to defeat the mailbox bandit and shut down the attacks, however, nothing had worked.

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Enter OPs father, who was just about as solid as a bull and had the minds to go with his strength.

He went to Lowe’s, assembled the essential materials, and set to work

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At that point, he camouflaged his creation, so the person bringing down letterboxes wouldn’t understand he was going to assault on that hit back.

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Safe to say that Dad got the last laugh.

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Along with the sheriff’s office, of course.

Image Credit: Reddit

This story is astounding, in light of the fact that it truly shows what people are capable of if they put their minds to it.

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