Preacherknocked over by students for carrying sign that says ‘women belong in the kitchen

An Alabama lady has been captured on camera assaulting a preacher who was conveying a misogynistic ‘Women belong in the kitchen’ sign.

The minister was one of the demonstrators present at the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus on Tuesday, September 14, carrying signs with misogynist messages, such that ladies should remain in the home instead of getting educated.

But, while all the people were watching this high voltage drama, one anonymous lady came forward and made a move – by punching the preacher in the face and thumping him to the ground.

Take a look at the video below:

A person managed to capture the video and shared that video with, you can see her punching the man and keep on hitting him as he bumbles over another person to the ground.

The drama was started by demonstrators waving various ‘misogynistic’ signs around, supposedly making statements, for example, ladies ‘have a place in the kitchen, they shouldn’t be in school… super sexist stuff’. Another sign additionally said ladies ‘shouldn’t be in college’.

Woman Attacks Preacher Carrying 'Women Belong In The Kitchen' Sign (@OldRowJSU/Twitter)
Source: Twitter

The student ‘socked him’ in the face, the observer said, which made him fall down, where he got a number of punches before grounds police ultimately interceded and isolated the pair.

Several reacted to this incident on social media and gave their remarks:

One said: Thought you all championed free speech and freedom of expression?????

A second one added: She was having none of his bullshit. Looks like this man fucked around and found out.

While a third one said: Violence is never the answer. And good for her!

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