Police investigating a bizarre case where the woman says a gust of wind made her pregnant

Indonesian police are investigating a weird case of a lady who has asserted that she got pregnant by a gust of wind.

That is not all. The lady, known as 25-year-old Siti Zainah, has additionally asserted that she gave birth simply an hour after when she realized she was pregnant.

Source: Newsflash

As per reports, she brought gave birth a baby a week ago in the town of Cianjur, situated in the southern Indonesian area of West Java.

The lady told nearby media that she was in her front room when a whirlwind blew across her home. Only 15 minutes after the fact, she said she started to encounter pain in her stomach, which started to grow big very quickly.

Source: Newsflash

Siti told local media that after this incident she rushed to hospital and gave birth to a young baby girl: “After afternoon prayer, I was lying face down, and then suddenly I felt a gust of wind enter my vagina,”

The news of her unusual pregnancy spread rapidly around the town and at last, it became famous online via social media. Situ was visited by nearby specialists, who were baffled by the whole news.

Source: Newsflash

According to Eman Sulaeman, director of Cidaun’s hospital: “I went to the location with the sub-precinct chief and district head. The mother and baby are in a healthy condition and the birth process was normal. The baby’s gender is female and she weighs 2.9 kilogrammes,” 

Eman continued and said that it is likely the lady encountered a cryptic pregnancy, one in which a lady is unconscious about her pregnancy until she starts giving birth. Following the incident, police visited Siti’s home to begin their investigation and shut down all rumors.

Source: Newsflash

According to local police : “The point is that we want to straighten out the confusing news about the pregnant woman who gave birth in a way perceived to be unnatural. We don’t want this matter to foster wild rumours among the public,”


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