Plus-size model shared a video of how she was mocked while filming a video at the gym.

A plus-size Instagram influencer has posted a video of an experience she had with a total stranger who mocked and laughed at her while shooting in the gym.

Take a look at the video below first:

Bethy Red, one of the popular Instagram influencers, who is having more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, shared a video on TikTok showing the awkward moment she was approached by a stranger who asked her why she was shooting herself.

In the video, Bethy can be seen fixing her hair while glancing in a mirror. A lady who is remained behind her inquires: “Girl, what are you doing? Are you taking videos of yourself?”

To which Bethy answers: “Yeah.”

The lady then, at that point inquires: You are? Well, why? For your own documentation or what?”

Credit: TikTok/@bethyred

At the point when Bethy clarifies it’s for her blog, the lady begins to laugh. There’s then an awkward silence as the lady assembles her belongings, yet before she withdraws she mockingly advises Bethy to ”have fun’.

Sharing the video on TikTok, and concealing the lady’s character with a huge white square, Bethy expressed: “So this happened.”

Credit: TikTok/@bethyred

The has been watched by more than 6 million people worldwide and has been overflowed with remarks from individuals getting down on the ”mean’ stranger.

One person said: Girlie why did you delete/hide it?You’ve done NOTHING wrong in exposing her. That’s why ppl like her think they can get away with it. Bc we let them!

A second one added: For those saying maybe she wasn’t ill intended – she totally was. The only reason she stopped was because beth didn’t give her the reaction she wanted

A third one said: You know how much hate you have in your heart to even be this bothered by someone else literally minding their business?

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