People Are Awestruck to See This Lady’s Gown That “Transforms” When She Spins

Who doesn’t like going to ballroom? However, very few are fortunate enough to have this enchanting experience.

When it comes to ball gown, it is every woman’s fantasy to dress up like a princess and flaunt the charm. Nothing can be more elegant in a ballroom than a lady wearing a stunning gown and spinning gracefully like Cinderella.

Ivy Thompson, from Seattle, USA created a unique dress for herself to don for a masquerade ball. She posted pictures and a video of her in the dress and they became a web sensation! If you see them, you would also agree that this gown is undeniably one of a kind.

Source: YouTube / INSIDER

Although she has never taken a formal training sewing, she learned the art by observing her mother and grandmother who liked to sew. Her dedicated efforts are clearly evident in her extraordinary dress.

Enlivened by Cinderella

Ivy took her motivation from the much-adored Disney motion picture Cinderella. She embedded a pattern of butterfly in the gown that appears while she spins. The magic happens when she carefully pulls a cord while spinning. It would look as if she has transformed into a butterfly.

Get ready to be amazed! Here’s the video of her dress that makes people turn their heads when she spins.

After designing this marvelous gown, Ivy wants to explore more about sewing. She is planning to take her first sewing class next month.

This dress truly something impressive! If you loved her creativity, share this post with your friends and have them dumbfounded too.

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