Pentagon chief says he is really disappointed by a video of a female Marine tearfully calling out the Corps

The secretary of defense reacted to viral footage of a Marine mournfully saying that a man who had confessed to offense of a sexual sort had been permitted to remain in the Corps.

In the video, which was posted on TikTok Thursday, the lady affirmed that a directing general, regardless of having proof and an affirmation of blame, allowed the man to stay in the assistance. Though these claims are still not verified. Marine representatives said on Friday that they were investigating.

In another video posted before that day, the lady, whom an advocacy group identified as a sergeant, expressed disappointment that the Corps didn’t deal with her the manner in which it had guaranteed it would. She said the man would be given a honorable discharge. release.

In the later clip, she said that she took in the man would be permitted to remain in the service. “This is exactly why f—ing females in the military f—ing kill themselves,” she said in the video.

Take a look at the video below:

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called the video “profoundly upsetting” on Friday in his first statement since taking responsibility for the Pentagon. He said he’d asked his staff for extra information.

“We have to get the facts,” he said. “We have to understand what just happened.”

“I care about each and every one of our troops,” the secretary added. “I’m going to ask that her chain of command makes sure that someone is looking out after her needs and is making sure that we’re taking care of her.”

The Marine Corps said in an explanation that the service was “aware of the video and is gathering all the details of the situation.” The service said that these acts are not totally sordid and not to be acceptable, and abuses our guiding principle of honor, boldness, and commitment.”The Corps later explained that this issue was not a sexual assault situation.

A representative for the second Marine Expeditionary Force revealed to Insider later Friday that notwithstanding a few depictions of the occurrence as a sexual assault, the issue was “misconduct of a sexual nature.”

In an explanation, the force said that this video specifically refers to an allegation of misconduct regarding the wrongful appropriation and distribution of personal information.”

“The current managerial division measure for the blamed culprit referenced in the video is continuous,” the assertion said. “The Marine in the video is protected and has been managed the cost of the chance to meet with senior agents in her order.”

The Marine in the video is safe and has been afforded the opportunity to meet with senior representatives in her command.”

Source: Business Insider

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