Pensioner said she was impregnated by aliens and was asked to raise an alien baby

A pensioner professes to have given birth to an alien in the wake of being abducted as she watched TV.

Jane Buckle says she gave birth ET, which she’s named Target Elvis, in the wake of being abducted on March 1 while watching Vikings.

Source: Janie Buckle

The 68-year-old said she was entranced or put “under some sedation” by means of “alien hand vibrations”, making her fail to remember the exact scene.

Regardless of not recalling that anything from the so-called abduction a month ago, Jane shockingly claims to have gotten pregnant for 20 days and is presently giving her life to raising an alien infant.

Source: Janie Buckle

According to Daily Star: “I was abducted. I was watching Vikings on the telly and all of a sudden I lost track of time, I can’t really remember where but when I came back I was pregnant. One minute I was here, the next minute I don’t know where I was. Whether they hypnotised me or put me under some sedation I don’t know but all of a sudden I was pregnant.”

Jane said that extra terrestrials picked her to bring their offspring into the world since they perceived that she could give it a decent life on Earth.

Source: Janie Buckle

Since giving birth to baby Target into the world, Jane has wasted no time in flaunting her new pride and joy to neighbors who she says have warmed to him hugely.

Companions in Hungerford, Berkshire have been so well disposed towards their bug-eyed neighbor that Jane says she has been given garments and surprisingly a push seat for Target.

She asserts individuals of any age in the market town have accepted the little alien however much she has.

Jane further added: “I can’t remember anything about it so I don’t really mind what they did, they just take you up in their space craft and then take you back because they knew I’d give him a good life on Earth. I wasn’t pregnant for very long. Out he popped and we’ve been having a wonderful time ever since. People have been giving him clothes, given me a baby carrier for him, all sorts of things.”

Source: Janie Buckle

She continued: “The people of Hungerford love him, especially the children. I took him to the park where they were asking all about him, they really, really love him. Eventually he got a bit tired so I and to take him home to sleep. He’s got his own bed but he actually goes to sleep in his push chair which is very cosy so I put him in there with his own blanket and feeding bottle.”

Target Elvis may appear as though a commonplace outsider however his mum figures she can see a hereditary similarity between them.


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