Parents responded to the trolls who claimed the baby was not theirs because of the light skin color

A couple responded to the stupid trolls who claimed that their baby was not theirs on the grounds that his skin tone is “excessively light.”

Father Marcos Davis, 30, was left shattered when he got hostile remarks in the wake of sharing an image of himself, his significant other Debora, and his newborn baby Noah at the maternity ward.

Marcos Davis with his wife Debora and newborn son Noah. Picture: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Some individuals remarked on the child’s skin tone, others asserted there was a misunderstanding with one more child at the clinic, with one said “It is not possible for black parents to have white children.”

The happy father was at first excited to share the news on his baby to the world on August 19, in Goiânia, Brazil, reports G1.

Yet, he was left angry when people on social media started asking if he’s the baby’s real father or not and started trolling him on Instagram.

The dad said he received offensive comments after posting the picture. Picture: Instagram
Source: Instagram

The baby’s father said: “We didn’t imagine going through this, but unfortunately we are speaking out with a broken heart to expose a very unpleasant situation that is happening to us, On Thursday 19/08 our son was born and we made a post on our feed to share his arrival.

“We’ve been getting some offensive comments in the post and sarcastic private messages.’’

The father proceeded by clarifying he has been married to his wife for a very long time and that she is his only wife and he is her only husband. He said that he was there at all during the delivery that is from entering the maternity ward until discharge.

The family said they decided not to file any complaint. Picture: Instagram
Source: Instagram

He added that based on genetics it isn’t inconceivable for dark guardians to have a baby with lighter skin.

He further added: We didn’t want to expose ourselves and expose our son that way. But this is unacceptable, it is disrespectful, it is inhumane, Don’t use your hands, your fingers and your mouth to hurt, to attack others through ridiculous remarks like these.


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