Parents questioned on school after an Ohio school selected a lesbian couple as prom king and queen

Annie Wise and Riley Loudermilk, a high school couple in Kings Mill, Ohio, have been dating for a half year at this point. On April 17, they were elected a prom king and queen, which they accept is the first run through an LGBTQ couple has gotten the crowns in this region.

The energy was through the rooftop when Wise recounted the second how “My crown fell off and it broke. There was a lot going on, but it’s something I’ll never forget. It was amazing.” And while many see the prom couple as an acknowledgment of their prevalence, for Annie and Riley, the honor was significantly more than that. “I do hope it kind of just helps people realize that it’s OK to come out,” the prom queen revealed in an interview with the press.

Then, a few guardians were angered with the lesbian couple winning the title. It’s really more than unusual to see a lot of grown-ups slamming youngsters for something that brought happiness in school.

Kings Local School District shared a photo of Annie and Riley on their Facebook page and it became famous online, gathering 4.8k likes and 2.4k comments. Lamentably, not all remarks on the school area’s post were positive they faced anger as well.

According to the NBC news: the school region needed to stay aware of the coming posts and erase the negative ones. Riley said that a large number of those awful remarks said that the few “needs Jesus,” others communicated that a prom king ought to be male.

The fury reached a school board meeting a week ago where one parent focused on her resentment about the chosen couple being LGBTQ. “Sorry, but I believe that there are still two genders, a male and a female,” WLWT5 news reports. As indicated by Fox19, one more parent at the gathering added: “I think tradition stands for a queen that has a vagina, a king that has a penis and testicles.”

The homophobic remarks from grown-ups both on the web and at the school board meeting didn’t influence the decision as the school board defended Annie and Riley. First light Goulding, a local area relations organizer for the school region, remarked on the matter: “This is solely a Kings High School senior class nominated and voted-on initiative.”

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