Parents called police when 19 years disclosed her relationship with a 61-year-old

Love is blind. A 19-year-old girl tied a knot with a man having an age difference of 42 years, presently the guy is 61 years old, however, her family were at first so hostile towards the couple, they even called the police.

Credit: Jam Press
Source: Dailymail

Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon, 19, met her better half Kevin, 61, in January via a dating app Badoo.

Kevin said: “I was actually looking around my area and ages 30 to 50. Her profile shouldn’t have popped up. Something told me to look at it and something told me to like it, so I did.”

Audrey, an army cop, said she was at first attracted to Kevin as he was a veteran who’d worked for the army police as well. The bonding started getting strong between these two quickly, presently living in Modesto, California.

Credit: Jam Press
Source: Dailymail

After sharing texts with each other they proposed to each other within few months.

They met face to face interestingly a half year after the fact and they shared their first kiss. But, when Audrey at last opened up with regards to the relationship to her mom and dad, they were shocked and confused about the age difference.

Audrey said: “We can both agree truly that it was love at first sight. I couldn’t handle the stress of keeping it a secret from my family so we agreed that he would come down to meet them. My family was extremely hostile about meeting him at first because we told them about us in a bad way.

Story from Jam Press (Age Gap Couple) Pictured: Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon and Kevin. Woman, 19, marries man 42 years older ??? and even gets parents' support after they called the POLICE the first time they met him A teenager who married a 61-year-old dad-of-two says her parents have now welcomed him to the family despite calling the police the first time they met him. Military police officer Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon, 19, first met husband Kevin, 61, on dating site Badoo, on January 9 2020. Despite a 42-year age gap between them, she was initially attracted by his bio saying he too was a veteran who had worked for the military police. Within a few months of chatting online, they were officially a couple and had both said ???I love you???. In July 2020, they officially met up in person and shared their first kiss. Audrey told Jam Press: ???I was both excited and nervous to see him. ???He still talks about the day he laid his eyes on me with such passion. ???Kevin made the first move. He took my face in his hands and we had our first kiss when we first met face to face. ???We can both agree truly that it was love at first sight.??? Neither Audrey nor Kevin, from Modesto, California, had been in a relationship with such a big age gap before but believe it doesn???t matter as they have lots in common and a deep connection. Audrey said: ???Our first conversation was about the military and he asked questions about me and we became very open to each other. ???We talked about everything together. ???Kevin also looks very handsome to me. ???What makes our relationship so great and perfect for us is our ever-growing love for each other.
Source: Dailymail

Even after having a hard time in the initial phase of her relationship, Audrey says her mom and dad are very much positive about her relationship.

None of them dated anyone with this much age difference previously, and Audrey said she needs ‘to show the world that we aren’t the sugar daddy or gold digger relationship’. The couple eloped on 1 August this year, and are currently planning for the future.

We wish the couple all the best for the future! <3


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