Paramedics face backlash after posting TikTok from the back of an ambulance

An NHS Trust has stood up after a couple of female paramedics experienced harsh criticism for posting a TikTok video of themselves on their break.

Take a look at the video first

Rhianna Higgins, 25, and her associate Hattie Proctor were playing out the dance toward the rear of an ambulance vehicle that belongs to Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS).

Ms Higgins subtitled the post: “Little boogie on break,” and the video has been watched by over 280,000 people.

Ms. Higgins who is 25 and from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, experienced harsh criticism with one individual said: “Wow how do you find time with everyone dying from the world’s most deadly disease running rampant?”

They can be seen twerking in the footage
Source: Tiktok

A representative for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust has tended to the video, saying: We are aware of the video which was filmed during a rest break and we are taking the opportunity to remind colleagues about acting professionally at all times when representing the Trust. We remain very proud of the amazing job our staff do to care for patients, often in challenging circumstances.”

Rhianna and her colleague posted the video on TikTok
Source: Tiktok

Others have upheld the pair and pointed out that they deserve a break for all the work they put in.

Even Piers Morgan tweeted and supported them, he shared the video with the caption: If you’re genuinely ‘furious’ that overworked, underpaid paramedics are having a few minutes of fun in between saving lives…. You’re an imbecile.

Several other people commented on this video:

One said: They are at work and in uniform. They can have as much fun as they want when they’re not. Imagine if it were members of the Cabinet at No 10, you’d be the first to criticise.

A second one added: I’m not “furious” about this but in uniform it’s usually a good idea to be professional at all times. From an image perspective this does not seem to me to be a good idea, especially given the current pressures. Go crazy outside work by all means (I really don’t care).

While a third one said: Paramedics earn little, and some are volunteers now too. By contrast, nurses are actually well paid, especially in regions away from London where houses cost half of what they do in southern England.

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