News anchor caught the kidnapper while reporting the crime scene

They say that criminals usually get back to the location of the crime, however, it’s difficult to accept that it is true until you hear a story like this one. One kidnapper really got back to the location of the crime with the canine he kidnapped, and he returned exactly at the right moment to get caught.

Take a look at the video below to watch the exact moment of this incident.

News anchor Juliana Mazza was announcing about the case of a stollen little dog. She was in the parking area where the little dog was stolen out of a vehicle. The doggy had pretty explicit markings, a brown head, brown around the tail and a primarily white body. This made it workable for Mazza to reconsider when she saw a man strolling a canine while she was shooting the story about a missing canine.

The abducted canine’s name was Titus, and the quick-thinking news anchor had a thought. She asked the man strolling the canine if she could pet the canine he was strolling. He agreed, yet Mazza really does not like to pet the canine. She just wanted to take a look at this canine collar and check whether the name on the collar was Titus. It was.

Mazza never thought she would be the one to discover the kidnapper, however now here she was with the criminal standing in front of her with a kidnapped dog in his hand. She dialed 911.

As the news became viral people responded to this on social media:

One said: Honestly she is really smart. The dognapper probably thought she just came to pet the dog before a shoot. She didn’t freak out. She handled it really well.

A second one said: Hearing the dog make those emotional noises when his owner hugs him got me!

A third one added: Great job!! Also, surveillance cameras may seem like invasion of privacy to some but they sure help solve crimes.

While a fourth one said: The dog CRYING and his little mini tail wagging when his owner got him back literally just shows how happy that little baby was. He was probably freaking out wondering why some weirdo just grabbed him out of his car

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