Newly married couples send $240 bill who were no-shows for their wedding ceremony

Recently a newly married couple has shared the receipt they sent to wedding guests who no-showed their wedding and explained the reason behind this action.

Doug Simmons, 44, and Dedra McGee (now Simmons), 43, of Chicago. When reached by The Post, the groom admitted that yes, he got a "little petty — but I am not some trifling person who is going to bill somebody."
Source: NYP

As revealed by the New York Post, newly married couple Simmons and Dedra McGee (presently Simmons) chose to take an action after spending a huge amount on their wedding day – just to have certain visitors never show up.

Doug, 44, initially shared a screen capture of the receipt to his Facebook page, alongside the subtitle: “DON’T BE OFFENDED WHEN I SEND THIS #INVOICE TO YOU. IT’S GONNA LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS. I’LL BE SENDING IT VIA EMAIL AND CERTIFIED MAIL… JUST IN CASE YOU SAY YOU AIN’T GET THE EMAIL […] #PETTYPOST”.

The couple revealed to The Post that their wedding day occurred in Jamaica at the Royalton Negril Resort and Spa, where they spent out $120 per visitor.

May be an image of text that says "Doug Dedra Wedding Reception Royalton Negril No Call, Show Guest INVOICE Item Invoice 0000001 Service Description Invoice Date 08/18/2021 Due Date Wedding Reception Dinner (No Show) 09/18/2021 Unit Price Quantity Amount 2.00 NOTES: This invoice being sent The amount wouldn't attendance Zelle or PayPal. Please reach out because you confirmed s(s) ndividual seats. amount and let know which method wedding reception during Final didn't give proper notice that () advance. pay via payment works for you. Thank you! Subtotal Total Amount Paid 240.00 Balance 00 0.00 $240.00"
Source: Facebook

But, after certain visitors selected to flake out, the Chicago couple chose to look for money compensation – invoicing the missing visitors for a sum of $240 to take care of the expenses ($120 for them and $120 for their plus ones).

Doug Simmons, 44, and Dedra McGee (now Simmons), 43, of Chicago
Source: Facebook

A note on the bill reads: “This invoice is being sent to you because you confirmed seat(s) at the wedding reception during the Final Headcount Because you didn’t call or give us proper notice that you wouldn’t be in attendance, this amount is what you owe us for paying for your seat(s) in advance. You can pay via Zelle or PayPal. Please reach out to us and let us know which method of payment works for you. Thank you!”

The receipt promptly went viral on Twitter, some people even raised the question whether it is genuine or fake. However, subsequent to addressing The Post, Doug and 43-year-old Dedra have affirmed that the receipt is genuine.

Doug disclosed to The Post: that the flake-outs “made [him] feel some kind of way”. Four times we asked, ‘Are you available to come, can you make it?,; and they kept saying ‘Yes,'” We had to pay in advance for Jamaica — this was a destination wedding.”

Several people reacted to this incident:

One said: Nah, this is petty. You create a budget for any event in advance. Either you can afford it if everyone shows up or not. No shows at a wedding might be personally hurtful but guests don’t owe you shit.

A second one added: Everyone here knows that they don’t actually want the $240 right? If you are throwing a destination wedding at a resort on one of the most beautiful beaches on earth… it’s most certainly not about the money. This is a public F*ck Off + friendship over notice to a former friend

While a third one said: Imagine, having a wedding in a pandemic. Then sending invoices to those who didn’t show. I swear this letter would be the last time I ever contacted them as a friend.


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