New video footage shows a new sighting of bigfoot in IDAHO

A YouTube channel has posted a video and showing Bigfoot sighting in Idaho and fans of this mysterious creature are now confused.

Nv Tv, a channel on YouTube with 104,000 subscribers, posted a video on August 26, supposedly showing an animal that some believe to be the huge, ape-like structure of North American folklore, “Bigfoot”.

For those people who have no idea about this mysterious creature BIGFOOT, it is also known as Sasquatch. TAKE A LOOK AT THE VIDEO FIRST

The text that goes with the video footage of the “creature” says: “The Bigfoot in this video looks very real and you can even make out the heavy build and all the muscles which is hard to replicate using a fake suit… Plus who in their right mind would rent or buy a suit just to pull off a hoax?”

It continues: “This simply can not be a man in a suit only because there is so much detail in the body and it looks MASSIVE in size.”

Patterson–Gimlin film frame 352.jpg
Source: Wikipedia

The video is having more than 129k views and still counting. Various Bigfoot fans have since reacted to this video.

One said: While it looks good, you can’t ignore the fact that we aren’t t being shown the whole video. Until we are shown the actual footage you can’t help but have doubts.

A second one added: The fact that this video is literally a few seconds long, is the only thing that throws up red flags as fake. If you got something this incredible in front you, you keep recording until the end of time!!

While a third one said: I really wanna say it’s someone in a suit but when you really analyze everything it’s really hard too say it’s someone in a suit. This actually looks pretty freakin legit!! Wish there was more to the video though!

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