Mum went on Reddit and said her marriage is ruined because of her baby

Many guardians have a habit of gushing over their little ones and feeling like they’re special to them

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Also, that will be normal as most fathers and mothers think their child is magnificent, however, they’re not generally honest with the drawbacks of parenthood.

Also, in case there’s one thing you can say about this questionable mum it’s that she’s honest and straightforward.

According to this mother that her child has taken over her life and destroyed her relationship (marriage) with his father. The mysterious mum went and Reddit and posted the entire story

She said: “I’m just wondering if anyone else feels like they no longer have a life of their own when they have a toddler. 24/7, I am at my son’s mercy without reprieve. I’m a stay-at-home parent. Ended my career when I had my son 3 years ago because daycares scare me.

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She continued: “My husband has a pretty demanding career but does all that he can when he’s home. We don’t really have a relationship anymore outside of parenting. He feels similarly like our toddler dictates everything. A meal, a conversation, a moment, cannot exist without our child screaming, whining, shoving a toy in our faces, crawling all over us, etc.

She continued: “We barely speak anymore unless it’s about him, because of how demanding he is. He doesn’t play independently at all and needs constant entertainment.”

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The mother said that she is having now no ME time for herself and for her husband since she is always surrounded by her child.

She added: “I used to paint, but if I even think about getting out any supplies, he’s all into them, getting paint everywhere. If I try to watch tv, he screams at me for not playing with him or screams for me to put on Spongebob. All day, 100% of the time, is about him.

She further added: “Which I know… I chose to have a child… it’s not about me anymore, but I feel I have no more sense of identity or self because I give myself completely to my child. I can’t stay up at night and give myself alone time either, because my son somehow always hears me, and still wakes up five times a night screaming for me.”

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Several people reacted to this story and commented:

One said: Having kids can significantly change a person. So I think having kids can alter a marriage.

A second one added: If having kids ruined your marriage, then I doubt it was a good marriage.

While a third one said: Having kids tests the parents and their relationship. If they don’t have what it takes, having kids can ruin the marriage. But I don’t see it often.

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