Mum gives baby ‘trashy’ extra-long manicure slammed for it

A mum applied falsies to each finger of her baby; they were quite long and looked just like big talons. A Louis Vuitton logo adorned the middle finger while sparkles and gemstones were placed on others. The pictures of the baby’s manicure posted on Reddit, had been heavily criticized by people. Many people pouring in to express their fears of how the baby can accidently poke her eye or gravely injure herself.

Source: Reddit

A comment reads, “Has this person never been around an infant before? They poke and prod every hole and orifice on their body.”

While others branded it ‘trashy’ and ‘horrible’.

But there were many people who were ready to defend the young mum, claiming it to be just a bit of fun.

One person commented, “They’re temporary press on nails, probably just for a silly pic if mum does nails.”

Another commenter accused people of just overreacting over the issue.

The NHS, however, recommends keeping babies’ nails short to keep them safe, it said that: some babies are born with long nails and it was important to cut them in case they scratched themselves. One can buy special baby nail clippers or small, round-ended safety scissors. If one finds the idea of cutting the baby’s nails too nerve-wracking, one could try filing them down with a fine emery board instead.


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