Mum and daughter asked to get down from the plane after they yelled on other passengers over a seat argument

A mum and her daughter named Karen and Karen 2.0 were kicked off from a Southwest flight after demanding that other passengers move since they needed aisle seats.

A female traveler con the July 15 flight took to TikTok and recorded the episode on her mobile phone as the two blonde-haired ladies started an argument.

Take a look at the video first:


Southwest flight Karen encounter passengers removed. #passengerremoval #karen

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The flight was going from Sacramento to San Diego and had already been delayed two hours with the pair showing up as the plane doors were shutting.

Southwest Airlines is having a policy of first-come and first serve, the ladies couldn’t get the aisle seats they needed on the jam-packed plane.

The allegedly unruly passengers on the flight

The girl then, at that point started shouting at other travelers to move their seats so she and her mom could sit where they needed, as per the video shot by TikTok user official_norcal_mom.

The yelling upset the airline stewards.

One airline steward advised them: ‘We have families. We have little kids. We can’t have people yelling.’

The duo allegedly asked passengers to get out of their seats

The girl then, at that point asserted she wasn’t hollering, however attempting to make an announcement.

While an airline steward offered to call his senior to deal with the occurrence, the little girl goes to the airline steward to say her mom will snatch, shout and cry, as per the viral video, which is going viral and already having more than half million views worldwide.

Another airline steward then, at that point needed to arrive and said they couldn’t be making statements like that or they would be booted off the flight.

The video then, at that point moved to the little girl examining the circumstance with her mom, who had clearly gotten somebody to move and was sitting in her desired aisle seat.

A third airline steward then, at that arrived and said that their threatening language is not appropriate and both the mother and girl were booted off the flight. This made the flight delay for one more hour and annoyed other passengers, who applauded when this mother-daughter duo kicked off from the plane

They were eventually kicked off the flight

In a subsequent video, official_norcal_mom expressed the mother particularly was rude from the time she got on till the time she got off.

People who watched this video reacted to this incident:

One said: don’t stand with a cancel culture, but people need to start learning there are consequences for their entitlement/actions. Entitlement is out of control!

A second said: southwest don’t play. And I love them for 104 it. Flew recently and they were openly sassy to people trying to not mask properly

While a third one added: Do people not realize that they caused a 50 plane FULL of people to miss connecting flights or miss plans Bc of their selfishness? Gosh

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