Mother trolled online on social media for preparing meals for her 30-year-old son

A gushing mum has been mocked online for preparing pre-made meals for her 30-year-old son.

The mum says she spends an entire day every month cooking for her son
Source: The Healthy Mummy/Facebook

The anonymous parent disclosed her freezer and racks are fully packed with pre-made suppers for her grown-up child, who she says no longer lives with her, however can “always let himself in for a feed.”

She shared pictures of her completely loaded brimming with what appears to be homemade grub and concedes she goes through a whole day consistently cooking for her child.

She cooks meals like pasta, meat meal, soup, Thai curry, rice with vegetables, and cheddar sauce.

Her kitchen is packed full of pre-made grub
Source: The Healthy Mummy/Facebook

she posted: “He knows there’s always a selection in the freezer, if I can you can,”

However, the mother’s extreme love for cooking these meals faced backlash on social media, compelling her to remove comments, disable replies and remarks on her post.

Responding to the negative comments the mother said: “This post was mean to inspire, not judge, I am turning of [sic] comments as this is becoming very overwhelming, love to you all, life can be wonderful no matter what.”

However, not every person was commenting negatively about her, with some interested to discover more about her everyday practice and others applauding her extreme devotion to cooking.

She was forced to disabled and delete comments to a post online after being slammed by trolls
Source: The Healthy Mummy/Facebook

With curiosity, one person asked: ‘How do you get them to reheat well? The mother said: “Freezer burn is usually because it has been sitting in their [sic] too long,”

Several other people commented on her posts when the news went viral on the internet:

One said: Better than giving him cash. I’m sure he does chores around the house for her. Also means she gets to lay eyes on him regularly even when his life is busy.

A second one added: Who would not love a freezer full of delicious, easy dinners? The mom obviously enjoys cooking so it’s a win for both of them.

A third one said: My 7 year old can bake cakes and bread alone, unaided (supervised around the oven) and my 12 year old cooks full meals alone unaided. That is shameful at 30 mummy has to cook for him.

While a fourth one commented: Her son is her life and that’s ok in fact it’s beautiful

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