Mother said she will not give any Christmas gifts to her kids because she wants to spend entire money on herslef

A mother of 3 gave a shocking statement said that she won’t be giving her children any Christmas gifts this year – because this year she is going to spend $9,000 on herself.

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Carla Bellucci, 38, says it does not matter to her if individuals name her Selfish – as she believes her children Tanisha, 15, and Jayden, 13, should make their own money on social media. The mother of 2 who got a FREE NHS nose job by faking depression thinks about her ‘no present Covid Christmas’ approach is a lesson for life and a great chance to ruin herself.

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Carla, from Hitchin, Herts, has some specials plans for her Christmas which include Botox and fillers, manicures, facials, new clothes, and accessories. Carla said she doesn’t mind her children are slamming doors upstairs because the pressure of lockdown implies she deserves the opportunity to ruin herself.

In an exclusive interview with fabulous, she said: “I don’t care if people call me spoilt or selfish. I know I deserve my $9,000 spending spree. Spoiling kids at Christmas is wrong. I think parents who spoil their kids this year are hypocrites. I am a brilliant mum and am using Covid Christmas as a life lesson. I want my kids to be social media stars and withholding gifts this year will teach them to make money for themselves. Lockdown stressed me so I need to spoil myself. I have always bought the kids nice things at Christmas throughout the years. It’s Mummy time now.” 

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Single mother Carla, whose oldest kid doesn’t live with them, contends mums need to put themselves first – to stop their men straying.

She further added: “I think mums who spoil their kids and don’t spend money on themselves normally let themselves go. That’s why they end up divorced and their fellas stray. No one wants a scummy mummy, you have to work at looking good and mums who spoil their kids don’t.  That won’t happen to me.”

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The children demanded Nike Air Force Trainers, gaming laptops, new cell phones, garments, and Xboxes. Yet, Carla says they’ll be fortunate to get a card and should utilize the occasion to ruin her instead. She self-teaches her children which includes how to be a TikTok star and how to become famous on Instagram, rather than the regular basic educational program.

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Carla says Tanisha and Jayden try not to get up until 10 am before spending the day either PC games or rehearsing Insta poses. Then Carla focused on opening an OnlyFans account, gloating she’d made $1,000 in her first-week selling s*xy snaps. She concedes her lockdown encounters hardened her way to deal with parenting.

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