Mother of 3 confessed she doesn’t like her 9-year-old daughter.

The world is changing very fast I do not know whether this speed will stop or not but when we talk about parenting, every parent have their own way to raise their children. But one thing which is common among all is they all love their children.

But, one mother has challenged the idea that you have to like your kids unconditionally. While the mother of-three loves her oldest kid, she doesn’t care for her and can’t tolerate being around her.

Discussing her story to Kidspot, the unknown mother said that while she doesn’t have a most loved kid, she has a least favorite – her oldest.

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She told Kidspot: “Yes, I have a child that I like the least but it’s actually worse than that… because the truth is, I don’t actually like her 95 percent of the time. Yes, I dislike my eldest child and I can’t stand to be around her.”

The mother believes, she loves her younger two children – a boy and a girl. While they are not great, she says, she appreciates investing energy with them. However, she is not having such kind feelings about her nine-year-old little girl Lilly.

The mother explained: “When she was a baby, I felt for her the way I felt for my other two children when they were that age. But when Lilly got a bit older, pre-school age, around three years old and her real personality started to emerge, that was when my feelings toward her began to change.”

But, she also explained that her aversion for Lilly’s character doesn’t mean she doesn’t adore her. “I do love her, She is my child and she could do anything, and I would still love her, I just don’t like her and there is a difference.”

She further added: “It is Lilly’s personality, who she is and how she behaves that I don’t like. She is sullen, selfish, bratty and creates drama constantly. She does it at school, at home, in her netball club and refuses to admit her faults, or work on them, or listen to why she has annoyed someone or upset them.

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She continued: I clash with her constantly, when I try to hold her accountable for things, I end up frustrated and angry. Even when we are on holiday and I try and really let it go and just have fun, I end up fed up with Lilly about an hour in and find myself avoiding her at all costs.”

It’s gotten to the point where she has requested that her better half take over totally with Lilly’s parenting.

The mother of 3 said: “I ask him to take her to her sports training, to any events or parties she is going to, to help her with her homework, to discipline her, and to supervise her on the weekends. Ultimately, I just can’t stand to be around her and for the sake of both her and I, it is best if I am not as much as possible.”

The mother said she tried her best to fix her relationship with her girl by investing quality time with her, without any result.

In the end, she concluded: “I hope that in time Lilly will change. I hope these trying parts of her personality will calm down and that she will evolve as she matures because I don’t want to feel this way forever. I want to enjoy my time with her, I want to like her just like I like her siblings.”


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