Mother gives birth to a baby with an extremely rare medical condition

Another mum has turned into a web sensation after giving birth to a baby girl who ‘looks older than her’ after the child was brought into the world with an extremely uncommon condition.

The 20-year-old parent welcomed her little girl into the world last month yet soon discovered some tragic news.

Doctors told the young mother that her child experiences progeria, which is additionally called Hutchinson-Gilford disorder.

"I noticed during her birth that there was something strange with her," the child's grandmother said
Source: Newsflash

It is an incredibly uncommon, progressive hereditary problem that makes kids age quickly, beginning in the initial two years of their life.

Presently the family is in shock after photographs of their baby girl were put on the web andnd derided by cruel trolls.

Photos of the baby girl have caused shock online
Source: Newsflash

According to local media on Monday that the young lady conceived an offspring at her home in the small community of Libode in the region of Eastern Cape, in South Africa.

Her grandma called for an ambulance after she started giving birth, however it failed to show up on schedule. After the baby was born with distorted hands and wrinkled skin, she and her mom were taken to the clinic.

Media in South Africa reported that the young woman gave birth at her home in the small town of Libode
Source: Newsflash

Grandmother said: “We were told there that she’s disabled. I noticed during her birth that there was something strange with her. She did not cry and she was breathing through her ribs.

She further added: “I was shocked because that was strange. Now I hear that people are calling her names. That hurts a lot. If I had means, I would put all of them in jail.”

After snaps of the infant were posted on the web, some remarked that she resembled “an elderly person”.

Individuals brought into the world with progeria commonly suffer severe cardiovascular complications in their mid-teens to early twenties.


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