Mother dumped the 8-year-old kid because he was too mischievous

A poor and helpless child was found alone with just a note, composed by his mom, that said she was abandoning him since he was excessively wicked. The little fellow was purportedly too troublesome and was messing up the family, which drove the mother to carelessly dump her youngster on the side of the road in Pelalawan, Indonesia.

Gripping the note his mom composed while sitting at the gas station, nearby people recognized the kid and thought found it was strange that he was isolated there in the late hours of the night. The kid was taken to a close by town before the police were called and informed about the abandoned kid, according to The Sun.

The words written in the letter was the goodbye message the mother composed for the kid before leaving her alone. “Child, forgive me,” the note said. “I am forced to leave you on the street as I’m no longer willing to see you suffer or tortured because of your mischief, every day you are causing problems. Forgive me, child. Take good care of yourself.”

Source: The Sun

After looking at the condition of the kid anyone can say that he may have abused. He was found with marks around his mouth just as a cut on his cheek. According to the local reports, the kid’s dad was the person who acted brutally against the kid, and this might be the torment the mother was referring to in the letter.

The event that prompted the kid being deserted started at home when his dad returned home from work to find that two of his youngsters seemed like they were beaten up, as per the Gridstar report. After being gotten some information about it, the dad was told by the youngsters that their sibling, who was later relinquished for his “mischief,” had whipped them.

The dad at that point went into an angry outburst and started punishing the kid in a merciless way. According to Pelalawan Iptu Police: “The perpetrator pinched the victim’s left little finger. The victim was already crying, but the perpetrator was still pinching the victim’s little finger and ring finger with pliers,”

Threatening to cut off the youngster’s leg, the dad kept on punishing him until the kid’s mom came and halted him. The mother, who separated from the dad, apparently took the kid and chose to dump him. Police said that the mother “took the victim away and left the victim in Palas Village, Pangkalan Kuras District.” The kid was later found at the gas station with the note in his hand.

Source: The Sun

The investigation is still going on for this case, police also interrogating the parents of this kid.

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