Mother criticized for posting a picture of huge pile of Christmas gifts for her seven-year-old daughter

A mother has faced severe backlash after sharing her Christmas present take for her girl, which is worth $700.

Kayleigh Moran, 26, from North Wales, shared the huge heap of presents she had nicely wrapped for her girl Daisy, seven, on a secret Facebook group dedicated to Christmas take and deals.

Source: Manchester Evening News

But, the mother-of-one was criticized by certain individuals who thought the huge stack, which consists of more than 40 presents, was a lot for only one child,’ Manchester Evening News detailed. However, the mother hit back and said that her beauty-pageant runner daughter was not a ‘brat’ and had collected a ton of cash for a noble cause.

The mother at first posted a picture of presents on Facebook, with the title: ‘Prepared for once this year, took 4 hours but finally wrapped my little girl’s presents, I used the wrapping paper from the loft from the January sales I don’t think she will notice thou tbh she’s 7.’

Source: Manchester Evening News

The amazing pile consists of a number of small and big gifts, like a keyboard, a Bluetooth speaker, a karaoke machine, selfies stick, and some funny dolls, as well as a cosmetic/makeup kit. It was an excessive number of presents for some parents who slammed Kayleigh for ruining her little daughter.

Kayleigh said: ‘What has annoyed me is that even though she is spoilt, she is a beauty pageant finalist and she does a lot of charity work, Throughout the year she’s raised over a thousand pounds for a children’s cancer charity, as well as various collections for our local zoo, cat sanctuary and Women’s Aid.’ 

Source: Manchester Evening News

Kayleigh further added: ‘She’s a clever girl as well as good hearted and I don’t see why she shouldn’t be spoilt if she’s a good kid,’ she added. ‘She does well in school, has lots of friends, she wants to be a paleontologist when she is older, she’s had a bank account from birth for university.’

The mother defended herself and said that her little daughter is also donating her old toys to charity from the last two years, and took part in collection efforts for shelters and charities.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Daisy, who had her own room loaded up with collectibles and gold gems, has grown up ‘spoilt rotten,’ by her grandma, Kayleigh conceded, before clarifying the seven-year-old is a lone grandkid and a single child.

The mother-of-one has been buckling down since having Daisy – studying sociologies and humanities at University and also having a small part-time business e and waitressing, before Covid-19.


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