Mother asked online whether sleeping with BF is right or wrong and received interesting responses

The world is changing very fast in deep I do not know whether this speed will stop or not but parents are parents for life, regardless of how old their kids are.

One online Reddit user, who is a mom to her all-around grown-up little girl, is looking for an answer whether she is being too delicate about the concept of her little girl sleeping with her boyfriend when they stay with her family.

Also, this mother isn’t the one in particular who is searching for answers in the present circumstance. In reality, the discussion about whether guardians should allow their children to lay down with their girlfriends/boyfriends is very frequent on Google.

This mom posted a question on Reddit and asked whether she’s wrong for imposing her “no boyfriend in bed” rule on her grown-up daughter

The online group users were very supportive… of the daughter

One said: Do you have the right to set such a rule for your household? Sure you do, no one is stopping you. But this rule infantilizes your adult daughter and trivialises her long-term relationship. This guy might be your son one day, why not treat him like family now?

A second one added:

Q: who waits three months in between visits to their parents?

A: 25-year-olds who are treated like they are 15. YTA

A third one responded: You can set whatever rules you want, but if they decide not to come because of those rules THEY ARE STILL RESPECTING THE RULES, and you are TA if you get mad about that. “My house, my rules.” “OK, then, we won’t come to your house because we don’t like those rules. Both sides are in the right on that exchange.

A fourth one said: Your daughter is not an extension of you. She has her own life to live, and the holiday is as much hers at it is yours. She respects your rules when she’s in your house, but who can blame her for wanting to stay away from your house when you insist on imposing such arduous rules?

A fifth one said: Your header misses the actual problem: of course it’s okay that you set rules for your house. But it’s not okay to blame the consequences of those rules (reduced enthusiasm for visits) on your daughter. Your interpretation that you’re getting punished and that her behavior is ‘unspeakably rude’, stems from the assumption that you’re entitled to regular visits. Truth is you aren’t.

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