Mother 69, gave birth to twins at aged 64 is ruled not fit to take care of them

A 69-year-elderly person has lost authority over the twins she gave birth to at age 64 after Spain’s most elevated court decided that she was not fit for taking care of them.

The Spanish Supreme Court took a decision on April 22, 2020, to eliminate the kids, given over by the Provincial Court of Burgos, which found that the twins were not being really cared for in ‘ideal conditions’.

Source: Newflash

The Supreme Court administering on Monday finishes a four-year fight in court by the lady, recognized uniquely as Mauricia I, who brought forth the twins in 2017 after having fertility treatment in the United States.

The court found that the twins were ‘in an undeniable circumstance of weakness’ because their mother is no more capable or unfit to take care of them. The decision did not depend on the lady’s age or emotional wellness, the court said, but instead on the ‘assessments of specialists.’

Source: Newflash

According to one report gave by the Provincial Court of Burgos at the time of hearing:‘ the mother’s personality traits significantly affected the affective and psychosocial development of the minors.’

It added that ‘non-existent’ family connections, seclusion, and an absence of a strong social network were additionally of concern.

Source: Newflash

The twins, presently matured four, were taken into child care soon after they were brought into the world in 2017 in light of the fact that they were viewed as at risk. Mauricia likewise has another youngster who was set into child care in 2014 after the mother was governed unfit to really focus on her.

The little girl, presently matured 11, was also born through IVF and lives in Canada.

Source: Newflash

Mauricia was permitted to keep in touch with the twins after they were taken into care depending on the prerequisite that she was firmly checked by social services, anyway, it was concluded that she had not been following their advice closely enough and the youngsters were forever taken out from her consideration.

Source: Newflash

She is not happy with the decision of the court, yet her appeal was dismissed by the local Family Court. Mauricia has depleted her lawful alternatives for the time being however can demand that the court review its decision every two years.


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