Moment captures cute sister refuse to let anyone take newborn baby girl

Ashley Neville gave birth to her subsequent girl, Peyton. Yet, it was Peyton’s older sister who captured everyone’s attention that day.

Henley, who’s one and a half, was so amped up for her infant sister’s appearance that she was permitted to crawl into Peyton’s bassinet at the maternity center in Pennsylvania.

The defensive little child cuddled in as close as possible — yet when their grandma came to get and hold Peyton, Henley wasn’t having any of it.

“Henley, you need me to take the baby? I’ll take her,” Grandma said.

In any case, Henley just shook her head and glared back, declining to surrender her sister. This cute scenario continued for a few minutes.

The family acknowledged they expected to adopt an alternate strategy on the off chance that they needed to get some bonding time with the newest family member.

It’s no big surprise this clasp has just been seen by more than 5 million individuals! Take a look at the cute video below:

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