Mom does incredibly sweet thing with pencils, takes parenting to another level!

Parenting is a job that starts when the child is born, and it never ends. Every day is a chance to sow seeds of love, allowing children to develop into the people they were born to be. As our children are trying to grow their ‘wings’, at times, they expect someone to reassure them that they are doing good.

Taking care of a kid’s physical and mental well being is something every parent does. One parent was extra cautious about the emotional nourishment of her child. She went an extra mile to make sure that her little one gets the warmth he deserves. What she did to express her love touched the kid’s teacher so much that she shared about it on social media. Little did she know that the post would go viral!

Amanda Cox is a teacher in Beaumont, Texas. Here is her story which will make your day brighter.

“Today I was running low on pencils so I asked all of my kids to pull out any of my pencils that they had in their desks. I had one student ask me if he could keep his pencils that his mom gave him for school,”, she writes.

Here is what she posted:

Here’s what was written on these pencils

Such a thoughtful way of reminding a kid his self-worth! Writing these messages would have taken probably a few minutes but it worked like a miracle on the kid. The confidence gleaming on his face was extra-ordinary. In Amanda’s words, “he wanted to share the same feeling with his classmates.”

“THESE are the things that we should be reminding our kids (both parents AND teachers). Imagine the look on a child’s face when they are reminded that they are important, talented, loved, knowledgeable and so much more.”, she adds.

She has a powerful message for us: “Help them know that someone believes in them and is proud of them in everything they do. Even if you think it is cheesy or you don’t have enough time or that you will have little impact, remember that you may be the only one telling and reminding them these things and EVERY kid needs to know their value.”

Parents’ behavior leaves massive impact on the self-esteem of their children. Let’s get inspired from this incident and show our warmth to those little hearts so that they don’t get frozen!

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