Model shares the photographs in just seconds apart to show the reality behind social media

A beautiful Instagram model has turned into a web sensation by taking two altogether different pictures seconds apart.

Clara Guillem, @claraandherself, shares photographs of herself and her companions posing in manners that make them look like a perfect picture for Instagram.

Image Source: claraandherself/Instagram

However, to help different ladies feel confident and reject beauty standards, she additionally shares “genuine” snaps.

In these pictures, the 24-year-old, from the US, quits working her angle, and loosens up her body.

She additionally posts recordings on TikTok which show her displaying clothes when she has eaten to exhibit that there’s nothing wrong with being a little bloating after food.

Image Source: claraandherself/Instagram

In one of the Instagram photos, the brunette magnificence wears the sensual bikini with a white two-piece.

She gave the title to her picture: Notice which pictures I’m smiling/happier in. Nothing like good old-fashioned reality checks. Addressing and rejecting beauty standards is the first step!”

In another, she wears a green SavagexFenty bra and high waited pants. In one shot she inclines forward and protracts her body with the bottoms pulled up which gives her a flat stomach.

While in the other she reclines, moves down the briefs and gives the camera a radiating smile to show how extraordinary her figure can look with simply a little change in present.

In a third snap she wears another swimsuit with string sides.

Image Source: claraandherself/Instagram

Clara described the shot with the title: One is not “better” than the other. This is my body seconds apart. Same lighting, bathing suit, and mirror. One is posed, and one is relaxed. I see so many before and after photos on social media that could just be a result of posing. Nourish your bodies and your minds today.”

Image Source: claraandherself/Instagram
Image Source: claraandherself/Instagram

Clara has posted various different shots in swimming outfits, gym wear and more which urge her fans to accept their exquisite bodies.


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