Model said she is struggling to get a normal job because she is HOT

A model has revealed she can’t find an ‘ordinary’ job because she is very hot and every time she is going for interviews they are getting intimated.

Model Can't Get Get 'Normal' Job Due To ‘Being So Hot’

Amy Kupps, 32, had been working at a school teaching history to 13-14-year-olds, however says she had to stop when the school authorities discovered she additionally had an OnlyFans account.

From that point forward, she’s struggling to find a normal job, but her luck is not working.

She said: “Being so hot has always been a bit of an issue for me but I think now I’ve become so confident in myself I’m too intimidating for the guys who interview me.

Credit: Jam Press

She added: “Prior to teaching I went for an interview for a job in a store and the manager had me come to his office. When I sat down, he did a double-take and got all flustered.

She continued: He kept staring at my chest and face, sweating uncontrollably and shaking and couldn’t think of questions to ask me. After a while the manager said he had to go to the toilet and when he stood up there was a huge bulge in his pants. When he came back, he abruptly ended the interview by saying I wasn’t qualified but ‘had I ever considered modelling’ as he thought I’d be good at that.”

Credit: Jam Press

Kupps, who is from North Carolina, wasn’t too gutted at being turned down, saying she thinks the entire thing is ‘silly’. But, presently she needs to discover more long-lasting job along with her modelling

She further added: “It makes me feel even more confident knowing that my body has this effect on people – it’s almost like I cast a spell! It is tough not finding work after my teaching career ended but my OnlyFans has helped with that a bit.


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