Model reveals coincidentally she slept with 50 men at a party on her first date

A model has revealed that she lifted the top on one of her first dates and accidentally slept with 50 men.

Kazumi Squirts had no clue about the thing she was finding herself into when she incidentally ended up at a swingers party.

Kazumi said she found the whole experience 'empowering'
Source: Instagram

The 24-year-old enjoyed his moments with more than 50 men in a single night and she said it was very “empowering”.

Presently months down the line, the evening even prompted a wedding for two of the members. The beautiful girl, from California, US, shared the experience of the offbeat first date where she wound up at a sex party accidentally.

She said: “The whole thing came about when I went on a date with this guy. We were heading to a restaurant when he started telling me about a party and his girl mate who was just as crazy as me, sexually.”

Source: Instagram

She continued: “It sounded like fun so I said we should check it out before getting food. When we got there and opened the door, we spotted his friend with loads of guys in various states of undress. We had already discussed my interest of swinging parties but I couldn’t believe he had brought me to this party. Me and my date looked at each other, he put his hand on my shoulder and said: ‘Have fun’ – so I did!”

Source: Instagram

This is not the first time Kazumi has been to a sex party or swiping partners. The beautiful model loves being the eyes of the people and isn’t upset by engaging in sexual relations with different individuals in a single evening.

She added: “It was surprisingly one of the most empowering experiences I’ve ever had. I felt like I was always in control and that my pleasure was the focal point.”

Kazumin is having more than 190k followers on her Instagram account and recently going through a breakup and wanted to explore.

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She said: “I wanted to know what I liked, didn’t like, kind of like, without another person in my life to decide that for me. I had been frequenting different kink clubs for a while and experimented. This scene turned out to be one of my favorites.”

Laying down with many men in a single night may sound depleting, yet Kazumi is so comfortable with this. Kazumi disclosed how everybody at the party was protected and she didn’t have raw sex with strangers.

Kazumi Squirts
Source: Instagram

Furthermore, in case you’re pondering with regards to her date, it actually occurred. After spending quality time, Kazumi and her date, alongside nine others, gone to a café to get some food.

She concluded: “We all talked about our experience, what we liked, didn’t like. I had a good time, and I don’t regret it.”

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