Military Canines were given seats in airplanes during the evacuation process in Afghanistan

Pictures shared on social media seem to show US military canines being given seats on the planes used to evacuate individuals from Afghanistan.

A large number of Afghan occupants have escaped to the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul lately following the takeover of the Taliban, with chilling pictures showing frantic people flooding the runways and running after departing planes.

Around 640 individuals adjusted themselves onto a cargo jet intended to convey only 150 in the midst of the scramble to get away from Taliban rule, however, pictures shared online seem to show valuable plane seats being held exclusively for military canines leaving the country with handlers.

One picture which is going viral on social media shows a canine’s head and ears visible in a plane seat, while other scenes show the animals waiting to board flights and US evacuees entering the air terminal grounds with the canines.

However a few owners and handlers might consider it incomprehensible to leave the country without their canines, the pictures were slammed by people contending the creatures ought not to be given plane seats while Afghan occupants are taking a chance with their lives to attempt to get space on the plane.

Something like ten individuals is said to have lost their lives in the midst of the chaos at the Kabul air terminal, some of who tumbled to their demises in the wake of attempting to stick to planes during departure.

In light of reports of canines being given seats, one Twitter user said: This is total bs, to make up lies about a dire situation….well you must be one sad person. Pensive face The British ambassdor is still in Kabul personally filling out forms for afghan refugees and he won’t flee the country until he has no other option. Grow up

While another one said: These service dogs are American Soldiers! Tell them to be outraged about their 300,000+ Soldiers who refused, literally refused, to defend their country!

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