Mayweather-Paul press conference turned into heated scene after Jake Paul took Floyd’s hat

It was meant to be a face-off between his sibling Logan and the undefeated fighter, but Jake immediately captured everyone’s attention when he went up against him at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Take a look at the video first:

Logan and Floyd are because of step into the boxing ring one month from now and publicity is absolutely fabricating.

The team fronted the media and mouthed off against one another in typical pre-boxing match style, but it was when Jake got up close with the 50-0 fighter when things truly started off.

The YouTuber-cum-fighter took Mayweather’s cap and attempted to leave, which started a high voltage scene.

Floyd came to grab Jake and rebuff him for the public shame, anyway it’s difficult to observe precisely what occurred next due to such countless individuals being in the shot.

In the end, security pulled everybody off one another and Logan, Jake and Floyd looked unfathomably bothered.

Video film showed Mayweather stomping off and shouting ‘I’ll kill you motherf**ker’and it was at first accepted to be aimed at Logan.

He was crying: “I’ll kill you motherf! Are you crazy? I’ll f you up, motherf. I don’t play motherfing games. I’ll f*** you up.”

Nonetheless, that rant might have been planned for Jake for the ‘gotcha hat’ second. In an Instagram story, Jake attempted to promote another line of ‘gotcha cap’ caps and it seemed he was already sporting a black eye from the confrontation.

Online media likewise hypothesized whether one of his front teeth had been busted inwards.

Prior during the go head to head, Mayweather called the siblings ‘fake fighters’ and offered to battle the two of them on that very evening. Logan answered, saying: “The only thing that’s fake on this stage is Floyd’s f***ing hairline.”

After that heated scene, possibly it very well may be smarter to see Jake and Floyd clash in a boxing ring instead of his sibling Logan.

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