Man with down syndrome celebrates his 62nd birthday after doctors told his parents he would not live past age 11

At the point when Joey Wittkugle was brought into the world in 1958, doctors told his mom, Bobbi, that he would not live a day past the age of 11. Wittkugle was born with Down’s syndrome, a disease that causes intellectual inability, developmental delays, and particular facial appearance. However, he has effectively resisted the chances the doctors gave him and recently turned 62 on June 29.

Source: Youtube/WKBN27

As indicated by WGN TV, his family threw a birthday march on his unique day. Bobbi said: “The doctor came in and never asked my name and said to me, ‘You have to put him away. He’ll never talk. He’ll never walk. He’ll never know who you are. He will live to the age of 11 and that will be the end of it.'”

As time passed, Wittkugle beats all odds the doctors had set on him, by continuing to live for 50 years more than at first anticipated. Things however weren’t simple for his mom and dad when he was conceived. This stems generally because of the shame around individuals with Down’s Syndrome. With Wittkugle’s mom and dad, they needed to bear a period where their child was not especially well accepted by society, which viewed the condition as some sort of an unnatural occurrence. His mother said: “Sixty-two years ago, nobody knew about them and they kept them in the house,I mean, you did not have them out walking or one thing or another.”

Yet, it was her priest who assisted her to realize that Joey was a gift, which Bobbi still remembers to this day. Relating the support her priest gave, she stated, “Bobbi, you were gifted by God, you were chosen by God to have this child. You can’t turn your back on him. When he leaves you, then you will know the purpose of him coming to you.”

Out of appreciation for his life where he needed to beat a few chances and the society view of the infrequently knew about condition in those days, his family celebrated a unique birthday march on June 28 at the fifth Street Plaza in Struthers, close to Save A Lot.

While the festivals were to pay tribute to him, it additionally implied a ton for his mom to bring issues to light. She added: “[It is] to let people know that these children, these adults are just as human as you and I. They have feelings like we do. They give extra special love.” For the doting mother, this isn’t a birthday, it is also a year for her son who overcame the insurmountable odds stacked against him. “I want people to start understanding, when you see one of our children, don’t turn your back at them [as] they did years ago,They are human, they are special from God and please learn to love them as much as they love you.”

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