Man shares his experience of dating a single mom in an emotional video

A man shared his past experience of dating a single mum – and the video is very emotional.

The singleton, who is known as @noneya7230 on TikTok, told his watchers that he had recently gone through a separation. The military veteran gushed while sitting in his vehicle and conceded his ex was a single parent.

Take a look at the video first:

Source: Tiktok

In the subtitles of the video, he says: When it comes to dating a single mum, brother, let me warn you, her heart’s not the only one in your hands.

He added: “Those babies are gonna grow on you more and more. Before you realize it, you won’t miss a ball game if you can help it. They’ll become a part of you. And when it ends, you’ll be more torn about losing them than anything and you’ll never forgive yourself.”

The army veteran got teary when he thought of the worries when dating a single mum
Source: Tiktok

He continued: “It’s one of the hardest things because unlike with your own, you’ll still at least get to be there.”

The TikToker cautioned others to “think about your heart and their hearts” prior to bouncing into connections. He additionally offered tips to ladies on dating single dads – and the first was to comprehend that their time is “valuable”.

He additionally noticed a dad’s greatest concern is for his kids to “have a decent life” — to be remembered for the image shows that he “values you as a good role model”.

He pointed out that when the relationship ended, it's likely that the men will feel torn
Source: Tiktok

The video went viral on social media and few watchers responded to it after watching that video:

One said: “I honestly think that’s why I keep pushing guys away because I’m scared to hurt my son in all this to be honest. I don’t need him getting attached to.”

A second one added: “Same here, single nearly six years, three little hearts that mean more than my own.”

A third one said: “Just told my dad this exact thing this morning. Makes me nervous to even meet anyone, just in case this would happen.”

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