Man says ‘Yes’ absent-mindedly to barber and returns with triangles on his head

Have you ever tried any stunt inspired by your favorite celebrity and gotten yourself into a trouble? If not a stunt, you must have at least experimented on your outfits or hairstyle with an intent to give yourself a makeover. Well, such experiments could be exciting, but at times they turn out be disastrous.

This man walked into a barber’s shop with a video of the style he wanted to get done. The barber was a master of his work and everything seemed to be perfect. However, the man came out looking completely different than how he was expecting to. Sigh!

Tian Xiu Bot, an influential entertainment blogger has posted this incident on Weibo – a social media platform in China. This hilarious incident will make you think of what could go wrong when you fail to communicate your message.

The man wanted a hairstyle resembling that of a guy in a video. He could have taken a screenshot, or he could have played the video and had explained to the barber what he wanted. He on the other hand, paused the video instead and showed it him.

Source: Weibo

Now comes the coincidence! The ‘Play’ button was embellished exactly on the guy’s head, which confused the barber. He thought the ‘Triangle’ was part of the style. After having a look at it, he allegedly asked as well to the customer if he wanted to keep the triangle. According to the post, the man
could not understand the question and said ‘Yes’. The barber rigorously followed the instruction…and the man got two triangles, one on each side of his head! Can you imagine how calamitous an absent- minded ‘Yes’ could be!

Source: Weibo

What would be your reaction if your hairstyle goes wrong due to a misunderstanding like this? Well, you can’t blame the barber. He just followed the instruction…after all, who follows the instructions these
days with such an accuracy! While most people would probably stop going out due to embarrassment, the guy seemed to be enjoying his new look. Tian Xiu Bot has filmed him as well, in which he looks happy, and most importantly, confident! So that’s the happy ending of the story.

This incident teaches us all a lesson that assumptions could lead to disasters. When it comes to communication, you better keep your guesses at bay, or be ready to face something unexpected. As it is said wisely by George Bernard Shaw, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

I bet you would remember this incident next time when you visit a salon. And, if you have a picture to show to your hairdresser, well…best of luck!

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