Man lost 18Kg by drinking just beer and giving up food for lent

A man has lost 18kg (2st 11lbs) by surrendering food for Lent and drinking beer all the time.

Del Hall, from Cincinnati, begun his journey way back on pancake day, and from that point forward he’s had beer, tea, espresso and water and has wound up losing a ton of weight.

Source: sgtdel

Please note this is not advisable, however, Del was not just doing it for that reason.

In an interview to Fox News 19, the brewery owner said: “I was looking forward to the weight loss, I was looking forward to how my body felt and I was looking forward to raising some money. And all those things came to fruition so I’m extremely happy with how this year turned out.”

Source: sgtdel

In spite of the fact that it’s not his first go, this year he chose to fund-raise for bar and café workers who have been hit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Up until now, he’s raised more than $12,000, which he will offer out to 43 bars and cafés in his neighborhood. He additionally wants to bring more up in the coming weeks to give every business $500 each to impart to their employees.

Hall said: “If I can walk into 43 bars and restaurants and I can put $500 additional dollars into their tip jars, that’s a big win.”

Up until now, he has completed 230 beers, having drank somewhere in the range of three and five every day. And keeping in mind that it’s not the standard method to shed weight, he’s seen it tumbling off him, having gone down three pants sizes, from a XXXL to a XL.

Source: sgtdel

In an interview with Ladbible, he said: “I am so excited. This afternoon I’m going to go grocery shopping, and I haven’t been grocery shopping in over a month. So, I know I am going to make my special homemade guacamole. I make a killer guac. And I’m going to have a margarita. I’m not going to have a beer with it.”

Source: sgtdel

When asked about his health improvement he said: “My cholesterol went down, my blood pressure went down, and my blood sugar went down. All improvements.”

Del explained how he would drink two to five beers per day and wouldn’t really have a morning bev on the grounds that he isn’t a much of a breakfast person.

Warning: Please do not try this !


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