Man fined $885 after taken to court for letting let his dog poo outside woman’s home

A Plymouth man let his dog poo outside a woman’s home was taken to Crown and County Courts and fined $885. The owner had ignored the offer of a bag for poo and Plymouth City Council’s initial fine.

The upset woman who caught the dog relieving himself outside her house confronted the owner after waiting to watch if he was going to clean it up, reports Plymouth Live.

After the man ignored her offering of a bag for cleaning up and went away, the woman decided to follow him to know his place of residence. She reported the incident to the council and provided his full address so he could be found. A $120 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) was handed to the man but ignored this too.

Source: DailyStar

The man was then dragged to court where he was found guilty. He had to cough up a total of $885 in fines and costs. Plymouth City Council had recently announced that environmental enforcement officers will be targeting the city’s streets and parks to check the recent increase in dog fouling.

A council spokesperson said:Since social distancing measures were introduced, the council has seen a rise in reported cases of owners failing to pick up after their pooches.” “At the beginning of the corona virus crisis, enforcement was not deemed an essential service. However, because of the hazardous nature of dog waste and its dangers to children, officers will be back on patrol from Monday.” “Uniformed and plain-clothed officers will be patrolling areas of the city where complaints have been received.”

Any dog owner who didn’t clean up their dog’s business can be served with a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to $120. This could cost the dog owner up to $1,000 if the case goes to court. The law says that not having a suitable bag or being unaware a dog has fouled is not a reasonable excuse.

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