Man falls in love with a 19-year-old girl who is 3500 miles away from her

One May-December couple who started dating in 2020 hasn’t let anything put down their affection — not their 28-year age hole, not the pandemic, and not the 3,500 miles between his home in the US and hers in Belgium.

Charline Chaltin, 19, and Jeremy Pratico, 47, met online the previous spring in the throes of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, and it wasn’t long before they became an item, as indicated by the Mirror.

Source: The Mirror

However, despite the fact that they are having a three-decade of the age difference, they confronted another deterrent: Both nations’ borders are sealed, which means it would be longer than a year before the long-distance couple could really meet up in reality.

Presently, following a short eight-day visit, they’re as yet a sea separated — however Jeremy demands Charline is his ‘dream girl’ and the pair can hardly wait to move in together once worldwide travel limitations are lifted.

Source: The Mirror

The love story started during the beginning of the pandemic last year when Charline, in Brussels, posted on a Twentyone Pilots Facebook fan page, asking a bunch of individuals to share their favorite song.

Jeremy, a primary teacher in Vermont, was one of a few individuals to reply. Charline didn’t respond to him, however soon Jeremy had found her on Instagram and sent her a message.

Jeremy replied, and furthermore found her on Instagram, where they talked — and continued talking.

Jeremy said: ‘If it wasn’t for coronavirus, I don’t know if this would have happened,’ ‘But because I was in quarantine, I was online more than I would have been in normal life.’

He continued: ‘I would never normally date someone so young and that far away, but about a week in I was like, “Uh oh, I feel something.” I was excited to talk to her and I knew very quickly I enjoyed speaking to her,’

Source: The Mirror

They started officially dating each other on June 4, 2020, with the first date over a video visit drinking espresso and cocoa and doing a crossword puzzle.

Jeremy said on Facebook that it got genuine ‘relatively quickly because we both knew it was something SUPER rare.’ In any event, when they were 3,500 miles away, Jeremy said he ‘never felt closer to any person in my entire life.’

In fact, it made him reevaluate times in the past when he’d denied long-distance relationships with ‘young ladies who live 70 miles away’ — and he understood this time was exceptional.

Jermy further added: ‘I’m very childlike — I have Peter Pan syndrome,’ said Jeremy. ‘I’m very immature for my age, and Charline is very mature for her age. Neither of us notice an age gap between us because she’s an old soul and I’m a young soul.’

Jeremy Pratico and CHarline Chaltin in Belgium
Source: The Mirror

However, even as their relationship deepened and they completed their one-year anniversary, the pair had still never met face to face because of closed borders and travel restrictions during the pandemic.

This late spring, however, they were cheerful, and Jeremy booked an eight-day trip to Brussels to visit Charline on June 30. Fortunately, restrictions on travel into Belgium were lifted a week before his trip.

Seeing Charline for the first time was Jeremy’s ‘favorite moment’ in his whole life.

The pair were together for eight days before Jeremy needed to return home, however, they are expecting another visit after Christmas — and both might want Charline to move in with Jeremy in Vermont as soon as possible.


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