Man explains with his weird logic why beautiful women are single because of feminism

A TikTok user turned into a web sensation because of his viral videos on Tiktok as well as on Twitter because of some unacceptable reasons. He tried to clarify that independent and strong ladies who are pretty are as yet single because of feminism. However, the TikToker got such countless remarks, not on the grounds that individuals agreed with him; in actuality, they were confused about where these people are coming from.

A TikTok user with the username heartbreaknino617 made a video to express his thoughts on why even beautiful ladies who introduce themselves as “bad b*s,” as he puts it, are single today. The man believes that the appropriate response is basic. As per him, the reason is feminism.

Take a look at the video first:

The video went viral on TikTok received more than 2.5 million and it was also shared by a Twitter @princessjahadd with the caption user … this scary asf” it was seen by 6.7M million people worldwide.

Several people reacted to this video:

One said: He’s not very convincing that he likes women at all. I think he need a boyfriend because he’s not really into women it seems like.

A second one added: His curtains aren’t even on a rod – just nailed up there. Also the batteries in his smoke detector need changed. No woman wants you because you can’t even do the basics of being a grown man with a job and his own place.

While a third one said: Men can we retire this “provider” concept and be “supporters” or sumn..

Cuz all l hear is scorekeeping. Doing things because you expect a return.
Support each other, and real partnership isn’t about being 50/50. It should be 100/100. You both give according to your strengths.

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