Little girl started a conversation with complete stranger on flight and it wins the internet

A Twitter user Kati Hartwig with the username @KatiHartwig chose to share her experience with her seatmate who was such an intriguing person that Kati chose to share her entertaining jokes on her Twitter account. And soon her tweets viral, and her tweets become jokes that this young lady sitting close to Kati served through the whole flight.

It’s a well-known fact that not every person likes to see young children on planes, however, this Kati Hartwig showed that they can truly light up your flight

On her flight, this Twitter Kati Hartwig had the opportunity to sit close to a young lady who continued serving one-line jokes

So here we go:

Kati Hartwig, who is a digital media analyst for Columbus Regional Airport, shared on her Twitter account that on her flight, she was sitting close to a brilliant 6-year-old young lady. The girl cautioned the lady, saying: “I’m going to talk to you randomly, so you need to be prepared, ok?” According to Kati, this was when she realized she would have “a fantastic flight.”

She was right, and soon after that, Kati began sharing these little one-line jokes the young lady was serving her. This Twitter thread became viral with more than 400K likes and practically 30.5K retweets.

She also posted a Tik Tok video on her TikTok account:

Several people reacted to her video:

One said: My 4yr old was less than a month from her 5th birthday, when she and her brother flew to see their dad. Since you have to be 5 to fly unaccompanied I told her repeatedly if they ask your age, you’re 5. They asked, she responded I’m 4 when I’m home but I’m 5 when I fly.

A second one added: I’d spent several days trying to solve a sudoku. The twelve year-old next to me on the plane kept eying my paper. Eventually leaned over and said, ‘That’s wrong. That should be a 3 and that’s a 7. Solved. 8

While a third one said: Oh my gosh! Best. Thread. Ever. Thank you for sharing with us.
P. S. Where were her parents? Maybe they’ve told her to forewarn people.


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