Lady who used Gorilla glue in her hair raises $21,000 in fundraising

The fundraiser for Tessica Brown – the one who became famous online for placing Gorilla Glue in her hair – has now arrived at a faltering $21,000.

Tessica turned into a far-fetched web star after claiming she’d utilized the solid adhesive (Gorilla glue) on her hair rather than hairspray.

She wound up conceding herself to the St. Bernard Parish Hospital in Chalmette, Louisiana, having gone through a month attempting to remove the item utilizing coconut oil and tea tree oil.

Since her situation circulated around the web, Brown has gotten far and wide help – including help from LA specialist Michael Obeng, who did her $12,500 treatment for nothing.

Yet, in addition, Brown has additionally figured out how to raise a huge number of dollars in a crowdfunding effort.

Only days subsequent to setting up the GoFundMe page, Brown has far outperformed her unique $1,500 target after raking in donations adding up to $21,517.

Be that as it may, while Brown has figured out how to transform her upsetting saga into one of the most discussed stories this week, she’s said she never really intended to circulate around the web.

Addressing Entertainment Tonight recently, she clarified how she just shared her story with the expectation that she’d be able to get some advice. She said:

I never was going to take this to social media. The reason I took this to social media was because I didn’t know what else to do. And I know somebody out there could have told me something. I didn’t think for one second when I got up the next morning it was gonna be everywhere.”

She continued: “A lot of people want to give me help, but the reason I wasn’t accepting it was because I don’t want people to be like, ‘Oh, that’s why she did it.'”

Fortunately, Dr. Obeng’s proposal of help wound up at finally putting an end to her ordeal – after he effectively finished the treatment yesterday, with Brown set under a ‘light anesthesia’ for the four-hour technique.

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