Lady spends $11k on body modification which includes eyeballs and split tongue

A tattoo fanatical woman has explained why she’s shrouded in uncommon inkings – and says her eyeballs weren’t the most extreme designs she’s had done.

Balea Scarleg, a Berlin-based tattoo designer and streamer, got her initially piercing at 13 years old and promptly realized that tattoos and body modifications were her things.

Source: balea_scarleg/Instagram

From that point forward, she’s spent around $11,000 covering herself in ink and metal to consummate her elective style.

The 30-year-old, who additionally posts on TikTok and Instagram, desires to cover herself in blackout ink. These tattoos include covering the skin in strong patches – however, they’re amazingly difficult.

Source: balea_scarleg/Instagram

In an interview with daily star she said:  “I got my first piercing at the age of 13, because I was so good in school and after that I knew that body mod was my thing. I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday – it still covers my entire lower belly. I had my earns pinned back at six and wore a brace for many years, so I noticed early on that to change is something good.”

Source: balea_scarleg/Instagram

Initially, Balea was motivated by “cool circumstances, decent individuals and games”, yet at last she change her MO.

She further added: “Now I know that I’m going to go the way with blackwork. When you have a part of you covered in blackwork it feels like you’re always wearing your favourite clothes. I love all my blackwork. It makes me feel cozy.”

Source: balea_scarleg/Instagram

Shockingly, Balea claims that her eyeball tattoos were not the most excruciating ones she’s had done. The prospect of a needle in the eye would make anybody flinch, yet not this body mod obsessive.

She further added: “I think most people would say that my eyeball is the most extreme body mod, but the process is absolutely painless so you have only the visible effect. I would say every time I get tattooed is extreme. It hurts more with every session, but after a really painful session, I’m so proud of myself. Like ‘yes, I did it’. I also have done about 10 suspensions, I’ve got my ear lobes removed, I have five brands and my tongue is split”.

Source: balea_scarleg/Instagram

Balea added that while each tattoo is excruciating it’s similar to giving birth to a baby in that you do not care about the pain straight after The tattoo lady also said that she faced so many harsh comments on social media, but she does not care at all.


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