Lady burnt by acid attack undergoes a transformation with face transplant

A woman who survived domestic abuse is going to become the first person on this planet to get a second face transplant and she is very happy and excited about it.

In 2007, Carmen Tarleton endured terrible burns after her brutal and cruel ex hit her with a baseball stick and showered her face with lye.

The destructive chemical, that is utilized to unclog drains and clean toilets, blinded her in one eye, harmed the other and left her seriously distorted.

Source: Daily Star

The previous medical caretaker, who lives in Vermont in the US, said she had a face transplant in 2013 and it went on for a very long time, yet her body at that point began rejecting it and she “returned to looking disfigured”.

However, after more than 70 reconstructive medical procedures, Carmen was offered a second transplant NBC’s TODAY.

It took a group of 40 doctors around 20 hours to finish the complicated medical surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, who has been treating Carmen for more than 10 years, was stressed that her body may dismiss this new face.

According to NBC TODAY, he said: “It’s always complicated. I think the second time is a little worse in some ways because we’re dealing with a lot of unknowns again. We were incredibly lucky and found by pure luck a donor that had a lot of characteristics common with Carmen’s own body, something that you would hope for a sibling to have.”

Source: Daily Star

The donor was mother-of-one Casey Harrington Labrie, who passed on from a fentanyl glut at 36 years old after a long fight with addiction.

Carmen expressed gratitude toward Casey’s family for “the greatest blessing anyone might have given me” and said she is “exceptionally cheerful” with her new face.

She revealed to NBC’s TODAY: “This is my face. It was given to me. It’s not the original face I was born with, but it’s my face. And every time I look in the mirror, I think of Casey.”

She is presently eager to perceive what “life’s going to bring me” and will not “center around negative things”.

Herbert Rodgers, who resulted in this brutal attack on Carmen, kicked died in jail in 2017 after he was ordered to serve minimum of 30 years in a jail


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