Karen trolled by a neighborhood woman who complained about her Christmas decoration

Christmas is on the way and once again the Christmas Karens winning the internet, and this time the topic is front porch Christmas decor.

Vicki Matter of Las Vegas, Nevada, arose one day to a frightful note from her neighbor saying the figure of gargoyle sculpture on her entryway porch, whom she’s named Frank, wasn’t “suitable” for Christmas. So to give that statue an appropriate look she added a Santa Hat and a little bit of beard.

Vicki matter posted a note on her Facebook page:

Source: Frank the Christmas Gargoyle

The post read: So one of my neighbors left me an note informing me that my gargoyle statue is “not appropriate” and “not in keeping with the Christmas spirit.” They firmly suggested that I “rectify the situation immediately.” Well problem solved! Frank is now festive! I’m pretty sure that this is not what they had in mind and I look forward to the future note stating as much, but 1. Frank is very heavy and he doesn’t get moved and 2. I like him even if he’s not so great at warding off evil Karens.

Matter played smartly and added a couple of more festive companions for Frank.

Source: Frank the Christmas Gargoyle

Matter wrote: Got a new note wanting to know if I think I’m funny. Why yes, yes I do. I decided to add an elf on the shelf and leave a note back that the elf is always watching. I may add one item a day now like an advent calendar. Too bad my porch is so small, I could really deck it out.

That relive Karen for a day or two, however soon she back with more complaints as expected.

At the point when Matter added a feline skeleton in a happy Yuletide costume, Karen called her “kiddish” and scolded her for “celebrating death.” She additionally blamed Matter for ridiculing the homeless for reasons no one can quite determine. Matter figures Karen may have confounded the image of Bruce Willis in Die Hard for an image of a homeless person.

Source: Frank the Christmas Gargoyle

The post read: Okay, this one is by special request. I don’t wade into the “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie debate, but I imagine “Karen” is not of the mind that it is. Therefore it seems most appropriate to include Bruce Willis in my display. Yippee ki-yay and Merry Christmas! No new notes as of yet, but I will keep you updated.

Matter kept adding things to her display similarly as she said she would, she added some hippopotamuses, an infection spewing wreath, and even a doctor in a Santa cap.

Source: Frank the Christmas Gargoyle

Matter’s most recent update sent Karen FULLY over the edge. But in the end, it was the hippos that destroyed her.

She left Matter a note that read: “HIPPOS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!”

Eventually, things heightened so much that Karen revealed Matter to both the neighbourhood HOA and the mayor.

Matter porch is now just full-tilt bonkers including two very Christmas cheer-filled flamingos.

Source: Frank the Christmas Gargoyle

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