In Turkey, a dog waited for six days outside a hospital for his owner to return

Many people might have heard of Hachiko — the loyal dog who waited for nine years at a train station in case his ‘dead’ owner returned. Hachiko lived over 100 years ago in Japan. But the story of his love for his owner still lives on.

Hachiko’s statue stands outside the Shibuya railway station, telling the heart touching story of true love to anyone who passes by it.

Another heartrending tale that is getting a lot of attention is that of a dog named Boncuk from Turkey. The faithful dog waited outside a hospital in Turkey for her owner for almost a week until he was discharged after undergoing a treatment for a brain condition.

This small, mix-breed dog had an emotional reunion when 68-year-old Cemal Senturk finally got discharged from the hospital in the northeastern Turkish city of Trabzon. Senturk was hurried to the hospital on January 14th after a brain embolism.

Boncuk, whose name means “Beads” due to her hazel eyes, followed the ambulance, and immediately took her vigil outside the entrance, returning every morning since then. She was sometimes fed by the hospital staff. Senturk’s daughter even tried to take the dog home many times, but she would run away to return to the hospital.

When Senturk finally left the hospital this week, an overjoyed Boncuk ran just alongside his wheelchair, jumping up to be petted by him and wagging her tail to show her happiness to see him again.

If Boncuk’s story ever sparks a conversation at the dinner table — regarding getting a pet, then only one advice for you: adopt, don’t shop.

These pets will shower you with love just as much.

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