In a ‘soul-crushing’ instance, on a quest to find his stolen ‘best canine buddy’ Mao Mao, the golden retriever holds a board in his mouth

Mao Mao has been meandering around the areas of a Chinese district in order to find his best friend reportedly stolen by a hoodlum. According to the owner, Two-year-old Mao Mao has been in low spirits and lost more than 10 lbs in weight since his favorite playmate, Dou Dou, was snatched in
late December.

Source: Douin
Source: Douin

Mao Mao couldn’t stop tearing while walking around with the ‘missing dog’ note. Mao resides with his owner, Shao Xinsheng in the district of Changyuan located in China’s Henan Province. He grew up along with another Golden retriever called Er Pao, also owned by him.They would play together with Dou Dou, owned by his friend.

Source: Douin
Source: Douin

Mr. Shao said Mao Mao and Dou Dou were particularly close, adding Dou Dou was ‘extremely clever’. 

On December 23, Dou Dou was taken away by a stranger while being chained to a tricycle outside a hospital, Mr Shao said that the one-year-old male dog had been left there by his owner who was going to the hospital for a medical appointment.

Source: Douin

Mr. Shao has provided security footage that captured the video of a retriever being lead by an unidentified person riding a tuk-tuk, to cross the road. Mr Shao, Mao Mao and Er pao have been searching for the missing dog in Henan district since then.

Source: Douin

He told: ”we have visited a major slaughterhouse in the county of Hua in addition to various dog meat markets, including a popular one in the county of Fengqiu. Wherever we went, Mao Mao would carry a placard reading ‘Dou Dou, please come home’ while walking or sitting on the street to get the locals’ attention.”

He has also uploaded a video on Douqin, a Chinese counterpart of TikTok, capturing the whole emotional quest of his pet Mao Mao to find the friend and to garner public attention on the matter. One of the videos with the retriever sitting on a pick-up truck in a busy market, holding the
board in his mouth has garnered a lot of attention.

Source: Douin

As seen in another viral video, Mao Mao is seen walking towards a small crowd supposedly teary-eyed. Mr. Shao believes that this really shows how much Dao Dao is being missed by him. He said: “’Mao Mao and Er Pao used to be full of energy. They played with him all day, nearly every day. But
now they are in low spirits and don’t even want to play”.

Though it has been claimed by the owner that Mao Mao is crying and grieving for his lost friend, dogs do not express their grief like human does, in addition, it might be a symptom of some ailment, possibly an eye infection.

Source: Douin

Mr Shao told,”I, Mao Mao and Er Pao would continue visiting dog meat traders in a bid to find Dou Dou.

He chastised the actions of the thief and publicly requested the person to simply return Dou Dou. He said: “We raise our furry kids from puppies and have a strong bond with them. They are an inseparable part of us. I condemn the thief and urge them not to do immoral things like this in the
  He told that he would pay anyone who could provide leads to the whereabouts of Dou Dou.


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