In a historic event, two athletes shared their gold medal in Tokyo Olympics

Cracking a medal in the Olympics is not an easy thing it requires a lot of dedication and immensely hard work. The Tokyo Olympics is creating new milestones every day and is full of surprises.

Recently a story is going viral on the internet and gaining a lot of appreciation from people all over the world. High jumpers Mutaz Essa Barshim and Gianmarco Tamberi both qualified for the gold medal and when the referee decided that they going to perform one more round of jump to solve this situation, they chose to share the medal.

Source: Tokyo Olympics

This even became unique for several reasons. Individuals loved the unique and heartwarming agreement between the competitors. It showed that incredible things can be accomplished without continually putting wild rivalry first. Incidentally, Barshim and Tamberi have known one another for a long while and became companions who upheld each other through tough situations. Previously, the two of them experienced serious lower leg wounds.

Source: Tokyo Olympics

Mutaz Essa Barshim is a competitor from Qatar who has won the gold medal on different occasions since 2010. In 2018 he experienced a serious lower leg injury and needed to step back for the rest of the season. After this, he was very excited to return.

Source: Tokyo Olympics

Gianmarco Tamberi, who is an Italian high jumper, likewise had a fundamentally the same way to Barshim’s. In 2016, he turned into the World Indoor hero. That very year, the Olympics were held, however, he was unable to participate because of his physical issue. A fact about Tamberi is that he used to appear at some big competitions with just a half portion of his beard shaved, baffled individuals to know the reason behind it.

Source: Tokyo Olympics

During the Olympics, the two competitors prevailed at bouncing 2.37 meters. After this, they attempted to bounce 2.39 meters, however, every one of the three attempts was unsuccessful. Since their score was something very similar, they could’ve settled this over a jump-off. The athletes went to talk about the circumstance with authorities and it didn’t take long for them to choose to become joint winners. This is the first run-through since the 1912 Olympics that competitors have shared a gold award.

Source: Tokyo Olympics

This received mixed reactions from people all around the world.

One said: I love that they didn’t even let the official finish when he started answering saying its possible, they just looked each other in the eye and knew what they wanted to do and embraced

A second one added: Sorry but no. This is the Olympics. Why doesn’t everyone just get a medal for competing if that’s the case?

Or as I saw someone else put it, it’s not a school sports day.

While a third one said: This was so amazing… bless their brotherhood. .loved watching them In Japan …we are seeing the true spirit of the Olympics. Thank you

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