Impolite Customer Tries to Put Down a Special Needs Employee, “Pizza Inn” Owner Puts Them in Place

At the Pizza Inn eatery, owned by Amanda Cartagine, she saw one of the customers putting down her employee with special needs. Being the mother of a child with Down Syndrome, she could not stand this behavior.

Amanda says that her choice to employ an extensive number of disabled individuals was inspired by her very own son with special abilities. She invariably hated such discrimination. However, instead of being aggressive, she took a wise action.

Source: WYFF News 4 / YouTube

The person who was serving this impolite customer had autism. That’s why, when he was asked to refill the customer’s salad bowl, he could not do it. As a result, the customer started assaulting him. Amanda spoke to him explaining that the employee was not trained to do such tasks. Hence, he could not complete it. The customer was not ready to buy this answer.

Source: WYFF News 4 / YouTube

Prior to leaving the eatery, he yelled out that Pizza Inn should have a “warning sign” to tell people that the restaurant has lot of disabled people. Guess what? Amanda did exactly that! She put a board at the entrance which read, “We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and hire all of God’s children.”

Source: WYFF News 4 / YouTube

Amanda emphasizes that she wanted to, “do something that was not rude but got my point across.” She gladly shows that sign in front of the building, stating that many disabled individuals are employed at her restaurant, and she will continue hiring more. Her own son too, is now a member of this special team. He started working at Pizza Inn a few months ago. See the picture given below.

Source: WYFF News 4 / YouTube

Amanda praises her employees for they keep the team’s spirit high. She says, “In today’s time where we get caught up in the day to day life and the business of it all, they make you step back and slow down.”

The way Amanda has stood up for people with special need tells us that actions indeed speak louder than words. She did not get into argument to prove her point to the rude customer. She got her message conveyed in the politest manner. If you think our society needs more people like Amanda,
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